Android XBMC: The Future of Media

The savvy minds at Matricom have got their hands on the G-box MX2, a handy Android XBMC TV box that has all the media content you can ever want. The versatility of the G-box MX2 is one of its defining traits. Whether you want to casually surf the web or go professional, the MX2 can handle it. It has the nifty feature of linking to the Google Play Store, giving you access to its vast array of apps, widgets, and games, ensuring that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want!

XBMC, Making an Appearance

Fans of the open source media player XBMC will love the MX2, as one of its core features is being designed around XBMC to provide users with a fluid and intuitive experience with the player that has never been seen in any other platform. The development of the XBMC for the MX2 has seen collaborations from notable Android developers that specialize in XBMC specifically, resulting in a product that merges both Android and XBMC almost seamlessly.

Media Domination at Your Fingertips

With all the features packed in the MX2, you’d think the price would be at par with top-tier equipment. Top-notch firmware and seamless integration for a smooth media experience are available to you for the reasonable price of $97.

You read that right, for less than a hundred dollars you can have a product that is compact, convenient, and efficient. Access to megabytes of content with a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of features is within your reach. Deals don’t get much better than this.

To top it all off, our product comes with one of the best warranties. Simply put: if something happens to your G-box, we will replace it. Get your hands on one of the best Android XBMC integrations out there, packed into a world-class piece of hardware. Order the G-box MX2 now!

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